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The Best of Tai Chi, Qigong and Yoga for All Ages. Enjoy 3 Unique Workouts in 1 Video. Just a few minutes daily to calm your mind, body & spirit and reduce stress. 


A well conceived and presented system for all ages and fitness levels.
Accessible and enjoyable."
- Yoga Journal

Qi-Netics DVD Voted "Best Buy Award”
- Consumer's Digest

"A one hour workout that stretches and soothes the soul. Energy levels rise and stress levels plummet.”

- Daily Mail. U.K.

I purchased Qi-netics prior to my recent wedding and cannot speak highly enough of it. Thanks to Qi-netics, I have lost weight, improved my posture and have fewer back problems.

- Linda Gill, Essex, UK       

"Wonderful workout by Lydia Wong for exploring the Qi-energy."

- Randa Thompson, Yoga Finder

Of all the lectures I attended at the Los Angeles Yoga Expo on Saturday.
I loved yours the best. I am loving your workout!

Sylvia Silk, Institute For Balanced Living

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Book & Other Videos By Lydia Wong


In a remarkable fusion of shiatsu massage and yoga stretching, Lydia teaches you and a partner the art of therapeutic touch. With these simple yet profound techniques, tension and energy blockages are released through pressure applied to key points on the body. You and your bodywork friend will learn deep breathing and balanced posture, as you help each other to coax muscles into a state of deep relaxation. Zen Touch is an embodiment of the nature of Yin and Yang, the play between opposing yet complimentary forces. With it's 'active' and 'passive' roles, Zen Touch is a beautiful opportunity to experience two powerful aspects of therapy. The exchange will energize you and your partner by releasing tension, freeing energy flow, increasing flexibility and vitality.


Rhythms Of The Tao Book

To accompany the Qi-netcis exercise video, download in PDF.

Written by Miguel Buss & Lydia Wong.
A manual of Meridian Dance Massage and Qi-Centering Power Qigong used in the practice of Qi-Netics video workout. 80 pages of text and illustrations. $9.99

Zen Touch Video Clip

Energize Your Meridians Video Clip

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