Lydia Wong

Mastery School of Tai Chi & Eastern Healing Arts

Cultivating Oneness Of Mind, Body & Spirit Since 1980


Welcome to Lydia's serene tai chi yoga & wellness studio, located a 10 minute walk from the historic center. Nestled within a beautiful private garden of rolling hills and a lotus pond, experience a unique getaway for peace and calm. Students can experience 1 on 1 personal coaching, book a private pre wedding or family event to make achieving your health and fitness goals motivating, relaxing and enjoyable. 

Besides private training, Lydia offers a daily group class from monday to friday. New students can enroll and benefit from Lydia's unique style and approach to learning the art of tai chi and qigong (also known as chinese yoga).  At the school, students will learn skills in mastery of mind body connection and activating your body's wisdom for promoting peace, health and longevity. 

Experience the Anti Aging Secrets of Meditation In Motion

Learning tai chi and qigong is a joyful art that requires time to process with lots of humor, patience and dedication. Each class builds on the yin yang language of tai chi and qigong which is related to your connection to breathing, posture, energy, ease of flow. focus, proprioception exercises for better body awareness and balance. The first step to becoming skilled at working with Qi (your life force energy) is to be able to feel, sense and guide your Qi. You know when you feel joy, energized, exhausted or anxious. So this language of energy is a very natural language that your body speaks.

How Lydia's Tai Chi & Qigong Can Benefit You:

  1. -Look and Feel Younger
  2. -Increase Enjoyment and Happiness
  3. -Improve Proprioception and Awareness
  4. -Improve Brain Health, Focus and Memory
  5. -Improve Balance to Reduce Falls
  6. -Increase Strength and Flexibility
  7. -Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Depression.

San Miguel Tai Chi Schedule

Benito Juarez Park


Energize With Tai Chi Mambo

This musically guided practice starts with Lydia’s unique fun and uplifting Qi-Aerobics - YinYang exercises to boost your brain and body fitness and energize your Qi - vital life force. Followed by 30 minutes of tai chi meditation in movement. Students will be introduced to ancient chinese energy cultivation tools such as tai chi fans and longevity bamboo sticks for preventing mind body atrophy. 

Monday       9:30 am  - 10:30 am

Wednesday 9:30 am  - 10:30 am

Friday          9:30 am -  10:30 am

Mastery School of Tai Chi


Spring Into Health at Lydia Wong's Mastery School of Tai Chi & Eastern Healing Arts. San Miguel De Allende. 

Lydia’s unique joyous teaching style, flow and Qi guidance will leave you feeling relaxed, uplifted, inspired with greater creativity and joy. No experience required. 

The studio class is located in Colonia Azteca close by the Live Aqua Hotel.

Registration is at 2:35 pm 

Tuesday   3:00pm - 4:00pm

Thursday 3:00pm - 4:00pm

Pre registration required with email.

1 week to 12 weeks membership.

Privates & Special Events


If you want to add a mind-body activity to your life, Lydia Wong offers her unique mind-body booster program for individuals and groups that incorporates the anti aging effects of tai chi, qigong and gentle yoga to keep your brain and body younger longer.  

Contact Lydia to design a curated group event with at her beautiful sanctuary or at your location to host you and your guests for any special pre wedding or family occasion.


None of this material is intended, or to be used as, medical advice. If you have a medical problem or concern seek the help of a medical doctor.