What Students Say

I have been working with Lydia's Tuesdays and Thursdays Relax and Renew for two years including rehabbing a fractured hip. At 76 I am more comfortable supple and balanced than before and its fun to work with the fan forms.

Kathleen, San Miguel De Allende

I really appreciate the time you took to create this wonderful experience.  I can't say anything that would sufficiently express the gratitude I feel for having the opportunity to dance with you in the park. Your class created an oasis in which my body and mind could work together to find balance, to be in the moment, to breathe, to share positive energy and to connect with others. I'm encouraged to continue to practice the movements, including the cleansing, flow of energy and the mind/body clock exercises which I experience as a massage of my entire physical, spiritual, etheric and emotional body. Amazing!

You are a gifted teacher, Lydia. You exude warmth, humor, and an acceptance of all your students that seems to draw everyone together.  You create a lovely harmony of movement, color and sound. Your hospitality sends ripples of compassion through the community. 

Laney, California.

This woman is a powerful influence which emits joy and encouragement for  well being. If you have had any training in Tai Chi or martial arts, immediately you will find new insights to deepen your training. Lydia is a fine instructor with a disposition everyone enjoys. She exudes kindness, whatever the level of commitment and offers clarity to her students while they move around her. Join her in the Park, and kick start your morning energy with joy.

Mary Miller, San Miguel de Allende.

I’ve long been subject to problems with my balance that are the result of an inner ear disorder. I've practiced yoga for years and, although I've received many benefits from my practice, it hasn't done much to relieve my balance difficulties. I'm amazed that after only two lessons of tai chi I can stand steadily on one leg, then on the other, then do it again. I'm delighted with my new sense of stability.

Jane Newhagen, Author of Sand Dollar, a tale of old Key West

What a joy it has been to meander down cobbled streets and to the park and commune with nature and with you.  The hours that I spent in your company, learning from you were some of the loveliest that I enjoyed in San Miguel. Your choice of music was wonderful and just the thing to get the group going and setting the rhythm for the day. I particularly want to thank you for my farewell ceremony.  It is something that I will never forget. Here is to a wonderful future for you.  I hope we meet again.

Janet, New York.

Over the past 3 years I was diagnosed with a cyst in the right wrist, as they had trouble moving and make my activities, causing pain. My attending physician tell me that this alone could fix with an operation. Then I found out about tai chi health exercises with Lydia Wong in the Juarez Park and started coming. After 8 months I recovered from my wrist. I no longer have pain and I can make my activity, and the cyst has gone.

Gloria Salas, San Miguel de Allende.

Skype Online Training Review


Lydia is a wealth of knowledge and a blessing to this earth. I have been studying movement, qigong and tai ji every week on Skype with Lydia. Her teaching has truly transformed my life for the better. I was first unsure how effective class could be through Skype but it actually works very well and allows me the opportunity to work with her because we don't live in the same area.

I am a musician and athlete living in New York City and Lydia's work has permenantly transformed how the qi (life force energy, prana, etc) moves through my body making me perform better, be more creative, and ultimately be more balanced and successful in every aspect of my life. She also has helped my significantly tame my overactive triple warmer meridan (which is tied to the fight or flight part of the nervous system) and ease the stress from living in such a frantic urban environment.

Another aspect of Lydia's work that I find so valuable is that much of it can be done anywhere without a yoga mat or any props. This makes the work easy to do on a break from work, commute, or at home. I highly recommend working with Lydia. She is an incredible teacher that combines knowledge from numerous modalities and creates her own methods that are incredibly effective and uniquely her own.

Tyler, Musician, New York